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Titan TNE-1501 15 color, single head embroidery machine

Please call 1-866-469-1147 for CURRENT price and availability for machines. 

Titan Single Head tubular computerized embroidery machine is perfect for any small to medium home based embroidery businesses that want to work with a fully industrial embroidery machine. The Titan TNE-1501 is robust and durable enough to work within any business demands even running 10~16 hours a day. This machine comes with 2 of every hoop to ensure the operator is preparing the next job while the machine is finishing the current job.  

  • Automatic thread trimmer auto color change.
  • 270° wide cap frame.
  • Maximum speed: 1200 RPM.
  • Memory size: 20000000stitches (200 designs).
  • Multiple languages supported: Chinese English French Russian Dutch Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Arabic, Thai, and Vietnamese.
  • LCD display showing real time stitching.
  • Full screen preview design function support.
  • Auto start and color change, 200 times color change.
  • Wide voltage AC80-260V input, adapt to any unstable electricity.
  • Automatic external thread winding device.
  • The machine is forward compatible with any number of devices: (cording, sequins, beads, rhinestone)

This machine comes complete with the all you need to start you:


1x Oval hoop 58x36cm
2x Square Hoop 30x30cm
2x Round Hoop 19cm
2x Round Hoop 15cm
2x Round Hoop 12cm
2xRound Hoop  9cm

CAP ATTACHMENT INCLUDED:                               
1x hoop cap clamp                               
2xcap rings per head
1x cap driver per head