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Reliable 6000ISL Iron System includes Iron & Boiler Long hose

• .66 gallon, 2.5 L water capacity
• 1800W electrical (iron and boiler)
• Low water light indicator
• Regular tap water
• 50 PSI, 3.5 bar operating pressure
• 12-gauge heavy-duty wiring
• Stainless steel tank and outer casing
• Copper heating element
• Carrying handle
• Silicone iron rest
• 10-15 minute heat up time
• Water level stick
• Up to 4 hours of continuous steam
• Rated for up to 8 hours of use per day


Your Reliable ironing station is a combination of a 1200W boiler and 800W iron, for a total of 2000W. Therefore, an isolated line with a 20 amp receptacle is required for the unit to plug into. Contact your local electrician for more information.