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Central Sewing Machines
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Juki 1181 Complete

Includes Fully Assembled Table and Clutch Motor With its reliable feed and consistent seam quality, the machine responds outstandingly to the sewing of heavy materials. With its larger needlebar stroke, higher presser foot lift, and newly adopted double-tension mechanism, the machine offers excellent sewing capabilities and responsiveness. The alternating vertical movements of the walking foot and presser foot are as large as 6.5mm. In addition, the ratio between alternating vertical movements of the walking foot and presser foot remains unchanged even when the material thickness changes. Thanks to this feature and the adoption of a new method of rectangular feed that prevents needle from fraying, the machine sews multi-layered parts of a material with consistent stitching pitch while preventing stitch gathering. High-Speed Performance: The machine delivers increased productivity at sewingspeeds as high as 3,000 Stitches per Minute Thread Trimming: Consisting only of a moving knife and counter knife, the simple and well-balanced thread trimming mechanism is capable of cutting thick thread up to without fail. Automatic Reverse Feed: With just a light press on the one-touch type reverse feed button, reverse feed stitching is actuated. Furthermore, if a suspended ruler is attached on the machine or a 3-dimensional sewing product is sewn, the button can be shifted upward to prevent interruption.