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#68 | 2mm Zig Zag Hemmer | Bernina | White Carded

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Roll and shell hemmer foot # 68 (2mm)

Roll and shell hemmer foot # 68 (2mm)  is ideally suited for hemming soft fabrics such as T-shirts or undergarments.

A scroll on the foot feeds the fabric edge from the front and turns it under twice, all in one operation. This produces a narrow, sturdy hem, which in combination with the corresponding stitch type creates the popular scalloped (or shell) hem. Roll and shell hemmer foot # 68 is equipped with a 2 mm wide guide.

This guide is deeper and rounder than is usual with hemmer feet, enabling a decorative, slightly three-dimensional hem pattern to feed through freely.

Enjoy precise hemming with Roll and shell hemmer foot # 68 (2mm) – your reliable partner for hemming projects.