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Fabric Scissors 7 in Blade

Please call 1-866-469-1147 for CURRENT price and availability for machines. 

?Enjoy your fabric cutting with Sew Mate Elegant      scissors.        

?The best quality for the best work.

?Sew Mate ELEGANT Scissors inhere the Superior                 Quality of  X'sor (  professor)

?Blades are made by highest quality stainless steel
   (SUS440) plus precise ground and harden treatment,
    the hardness is up to 58 degrees.

?Provides an excellent and precise cutting for lifetime.

?These blades are made of durable and hard Stainless
   Steel that works for lifetime.

?Strict and prudent manufacturing process ensures
    every cutting action with excellence.

?Good for :Dollmaking, Sewing, Quilting, Dressmaking