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Sylvia Design 5 Drawer Cabinet-SD490

Please call 1-866-469-1147 for CURRENT price and availability for machines. 

Five large drawers in a compact sewing chest. It is so easy to roll about your sewing or quilting studio to be as convenient as possible. It perfect for organizing your quilting and sewing supplies and having them right where you want them. The 490 storage chest uses commercial grade casters and has metal easy slide drawers. There is even a Lifetime warranty too.

The 490 5 drawer storage chest may be used independently or with the 810 or 810Q to create the perfect customized cabinet.

When using this storage chest with the Sylvia cabinet models 810Q, 810 or the 1600, order the #400 Connecting Top to make the chest flush with the cabinet surface.

Exception – The 400 Connecting Top is not needed if the model 490 sewing chest is positioned under the cabinet model 1600’s back leaf.