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Ultimate Thread Dispenser

The Ultimate Thread Dispenser™? is a unique sewing accessory that greatly improves the thread draw and tension during sewing. With the combination of the rotating base and thread guide, it promotes a consistent and even thread draw that is especially useful for tangled or slippery threads, or threads with a high memory such as metallic. This device can be used with any thread type, but you’ll see the largest benefits with slippery threads and metallic threads. Fits all mini king cone spools from WonderFil. While it can also fit some other brand’s mini king cone size spools, we cannot guarantee it.

We recommend using the Ultimate Thread Dispenser™? on the vertical spool pin of your machine. While it can also be used on the horizontal spool pin, not all sewing machine compartments will be large enough to fit it. It can also be used on your thread stand and then threaded through your machine as normal, such as the Thread Tamer™?. For usage details, please view the user guide at the link below (a physical copy of this guide is also included with your Ultimate Thread Dispenser™?).

Not sure if the Ultimate Thread Dispenser™? will fit on your machine? Below are the dimensions of the device you can measure against your machine:
Base dimensions: 50.5mm (2”)
Hole dimensions: 8.7mm (0.34”)