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Sulky Holoshimmer #6014 Christmas Red 229m

Brilliantly reflective Sulky Holoshimmer™ Metallic thread is a thin, flat, ribbon-like, (holographic) foil that is laminated with polyester, which makes it amazingly reflective so you can add the ultimate sparkle to all of your decorative projects. This metallic thread works perfectly on sewing, serging, and knitting machines, and for handwork. It does not fuzz, fray or shrink. If you love metallic threads then the Sulky Metallic Dream Package is a must have – take a look!


Color Name: Christmas Red

Hand Weight: Medium

Recommended Needle 1: 14/90

Recommended Needle 2: 14/90 Metallic or Topstitch

Solid, Variegated, or Multi-Color: Solid

Spool or Cone: Spool

Yardage: 250 yds.

Fiber Content: Metallic

Brand: Holoshimmer Metallic