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Sticky Fabri-Solvy 20"

Please call 1-866-469-1147 for CURRENT price and availability for machines. 

Another Printable Water Soluble Works just the same as FabriSolvy only it has a selfstick back, which is accessed by removing a release sheet. It's like magic for turned applique Stitch it, turn it, and stick it. It holds items in place for hoopless and reversible embroidery. Ideal for accurate placement of loose items when making scarves or thread collages. Photocopy designs onto it, then peel off the release sheet and stick the design in place for Hand Embroidery, Applique, Punchneedle, Machine and Hand Quilting. With no paper component, it washes away quickly and completely every time For photocopying convenience, it also comes in 812" x 11" sheets.