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Cut Shapes Kaleidoscope Triangle Ruler

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How to Use the Kaleido-Rulers

Use the small Kaleido-Ruler to make 2" to 8" blocks, and the large Kaleido-Ruler to make 6" to 16" blocks:

Cut 1 Cut 2 Cut corner triangle
1. Pick a finished block size. Find it on the blunted 45° end of the Kaleido-Ruler and cut strips the width printed on the ruler. Then use the Kaleido-Ruler to rotary-cut the isosceles triangles ("Kaleido-Angle") for the interior. 2. To cut the corner triangle strips: On the longest side of the Kaleido-Ruler, align the desired finished block size with the evenly cut edge of fabric and cut strips that width. 3. To cut the corner triangles: Turn the ruler and align the finished block size with the edge of the strip. The point should touch the opposite edge of the strip.