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Brother SA215 Quilting Toe Set for Dynamic Walking Feet

The Brother SA215 Interchangeable Quiting Toe Set is a great addition to the Brother Dynamic Walking foot SA101. Simply switch out your feet to utilize the included ¼ inch guide, a quilting guide and stitch in the ditch guide. The quilting guide can be used on the left and right sides for ease of use. It works with low-shank sewing machines and is great for keeping stitches straight. Perfect for layered quilting projects, this add-on accessory is a must have for any quilter!


  • Includes a ¼ guide, stitch in the ditch guide and quilting guide
  • Compatible with the dynamic walking foot SA101
  • Great for layered quilting projects
  • Works with low-shank sewing machines
  • Guide is great for keeping stitches straight
  • A must have for any quilter