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Bernina V8 Designer Plus Software - Full Version 8.2

Please call 1-866-469-1147 for CURRENT price and availability for machines. 

BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 DesignerPlus - New Features

General Features
  • Embroidery Library with search capability
  • Separate folder for designs and machine files
  • New thread charts added
  • New Benartex fabrics added
  • USB stick for software installation
  • Product key for software activation
  • Hoop templates for design positioning
  • BERNINA E16 hoops included
Three-Dimensional (3D) Designs
  • Couching
  • CutWork
Thread Palette Selection
  • My Threads docker
  • Automatic kerning for distinctive fonts
  • Monogram Template Designs
Edit and Customize
  • Layout to Work Area / Quilt Block
  • Copy and apply object properties
  • Duplicate with or without offset
  • Array and Reflect Mirror Merge tools
  • Knife tool to cut filled objects
  • Basting Stitch Marker and Graphic Markers
View Designs
  • Design tabs
  • Hoop templates
  • Show Work Area / Quilt Block
  • Travel toolbar
  • Design grouped, when opened
Edit Stitch Functions
  • Always tie-off and trim
  • Cut buttonhole slit
  • Create Appliqué with CutWork
Stitch Effects
  • 3D Globe Effect for pattern fills
  • Elastic Fancy Fill
  • Alternating Pattern Fills
  • Quilting Backgrounds
Stitch Types (Fills and Outlines)
  • Sculptured Run Outline
  • Zigzag Outline
Auto Digitizing
  • Color PhotoStitch
  • Magic Wand Block Digitizing
  • Magic Wand Fill without Holes
  • Magic Wand Centerline Trace
  • Selectable Magic Wand color matching methods
  • Save designs in the all new V8 ART format
Other Features
  • Right-click menu for object editing
  • Feedback Reporter to report software issues