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Baby Lock Regalia Longarm Quilting Machine

Discover The Power of the Regalia


Uncover the Innovative Features Of the Regalia

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Large 20" Workspace


As a longarm machine, the Regalia's larger workspace allows you to stitch freely without worrying about limitations.


Adjustable Front Handlebars


Effortlessly control the motion of the Regalia with the comfort grip front handles that are independently adjustable and extendable.


7" Color Touchscreen with On Screen Handwheel


Set and easily read Stitch Control Features with the large, color LCD screen. The onscreen handwheel raises and lowers your needle without having to reach around the machine.


Large "M" Class Bobbin


Enjoy fewer bobbin changes with the largest bobbins available in quilting (up to 40% larger than standard bobbins). Plus, with variable speeds on the electric bobbin winder, you can easily wind thread of different types and weights.


Quick Set Tension


Easily adjust upper thread tension and view your settings on the digital LCD readout.


Built-in Stitch Regulator and Needle Beam


The Regalia has built-in stitch regulation so you can quilt smooth, even-length stitches. Whether you choose the speed settings of Cruise Mode or the ability to make hard pauses without interruption with Precision Mode, the Regalia has both. The Needle Beam highlights your needle position so you know exactly where your next stitch is.


Push Button Features


Change the stitching speed, start and stop the Regalia, or place the needle up or down with buttons directly built into the programmable handles.


LED Lighting


Long-lasting, high intensity LED lights illuminate your workspace so you can see every detail on your quilt.


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