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Central Sewing Machines
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Triangle Stars - Opal - South 4

This impressive quilt can be mastered with a few techniques that result in a masterpiece that will become a cherished quilt and heirloom! Eliminate the typical frustration associated with making a quilt with so many pieces by attending this class. Learn techniques on how to manage a large volume of pieces and their assembly, and yes, imperfect squares can be sewn in a way that does not create a distortion in your quilt!

Learn To Sew 2 & 3 - Monday - Barb - South 1

Using your selected pattern for a blouse, skirt, pants or jacket, learn to sew in zippers, buttons and buttonholes, sleeves, pockets and linings.

Kids Learn To Sew - Tuesday - Barb - South 1

From beginners to more advanced, this weekly 1.5 hour class teaches kids the basics of sewing and following patterns. The teachers adapt each lesson to the skill set of those enrolled.

Jan 19
Kids Learn To Sew - Tuesday - Barb - South 1
Jan 20
Adults Learn To Sew 1 & 2 - Wednesday - Barb - South 1
Jan 21
Kids Learn To Sew - Thursday - Barb - South 1