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Central Sewing Machines
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Spiral Star - Lois - South 4

You'll create this lovely 40 inch star with an interesting twist- the colours spiral outward from the center to add a unique new look for a lone star! The best part, its all done with strip piecing. Use the star by itself or add some borders to enlarge it to a bed size quilt.

Sit and Sew - Opal - SOUTH 4

This is a dedicated day for you to work on whatever unfinished project you may have.?There will be no formal instruction but an experience quilter will be available to assist if desired.

Great Start Beginner Quilting Series - Lois - South 2

Beginner quilters, this class is for you! Learn valuable quilting skills such as how to rotary cut and sew perfect 1/4" seams while you make this sampler quilt. Included techniques will be strip piecing, half-bias squares and quarter bias squares of varied sizes and instruction on how to make them whatever size you want.

Dec 3
Contain Yourself - Georgie - West 1
Dec 7
Getting To Know Your Baby Lock Serger - Jeannette - South 2
Dec 7
Yuletide Magic - Joy - WEST