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Rope Bowl Basics - Sharon - West 1

Learn how to create these addictive rope bowls that make for charming gifts, or an easy way to brighten up your home decor. With the addition of unique fixtures like buttons, ribbons or fastenings you can take an ordinary rope bowl to fun heights!

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Supply List:
  • sewing machine with zig zag capability in good working order (you must know how to use your machine)
  • Extension table if you have one. (I use a yoga block and a quilt ruler if you have one.)
  • Cotton clothesline rope in either ¼ inch or 3/16 diameter braided not twisted
  • sharp scissors
  • pins
  • tape measure
  • magic tape (matte not shiny Scotch tape)
  • large spool of thread
  • three wound bobbins with thread to match rope
  • 90/14 denim needles
Skill Level:
Instructor Name:
Sharon Williams

Rope Bowl Basics - Sharon - West 1

$ 66.00