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How To: T-Shirt Quilts - Opal - South 1

T-shirts evoke memories, and once they get worn out you don't need to throw them away.. Attend this information session - you will take away the steps needed to tackle the construction of your very own T-shirt quilt! It will be a keepsake for year to come, and run the gambit of: infants, sports, music, school and more. What matters is that they are important to someone.

In this info session you will learn how to stabilize individual T-shirts, select a quilt style (sashing or not), determine a the grid, and other elements that can be incorporated in your creation.

Please note our Class Policies

Supply List:
  • Pen & paper (or tablet) as you may want to take notes, and phone if you want to take pictures
  • No equipment required


Skill Details:
All skill levels welcome!
Instructor Name:
Opal Blackstock

How To: T-Shirt Quilts - Opal - South 1

$ 30.00