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Virtual: BERNINA Software Inspirations Series

Join instructor Bev for six skill-building lessons on using BERNINA embroidery software in new, creative ways! From color photostitch to applique, creating fringe, blending colors, digitizing trims and more, there's so much for you to learn and play with!

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Lesson 1: Color PhotoStitch 
  • Lets go back to the basics with Color PhotoStitch! Learn about preparing to take the right photograph, editing the photograph and creating with PhotoStitch.
Lesson 2: Applique (Beginner & Advanced)
  • Compare and contrast the two applique tools in software. Learn quick applique methods as well as those that will take more time to create. 
Lesson 3: Creating Fringe in your Software
  • Learn how to create fringe to embellish your embroidery.
Lesson 4: Blending Colors in your Software
  • Investigate different ways to blend threads in BERNINA embroidery software.
Lesson 5: Digitizing for Trims
  • Learn how to create your own pattern runs in the software.
Lesson 6: Whats New with Software
  • Learn how software can elevate your creativity in new and exciting ways.

This is a Zoom-based virtual class series! Internet connection as well as the Zoom program (it is a free application!) is required. Have a pen & paper ready! Closer to your class date you will receive an email invite to the Zoom session, please ensure you sign up with your email address to receive it!
Instructor Name:
Bev Shumilak

Virtual: BERNINA Software Inspirations Series

$ 120.00
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