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Virtual: (6A) Introduction to Pro Stitcher Designer

Pro-Stitcher Designer is a full featured, vector-based drawing software giving you the ability to quickly design, edit, customize, export and import any quilting motif you can imagine. This class will start with a basic overview of the easy to use features. New users will be creating their own digital designs for their next quilting project by the end of this class!

Topics Include:
  • Overview of support resources available on-line
  • Overview of user interface, basic functions and design catalog
  • Draw basic designs using the Draw Tools with a backdrop and add stitches, save and import your design to Pro-Stitcher
  • Create simple closed shapes using the Artwork Tools and use the Interlocking view option
  • Use the Auto Digitizing feature to create a design
This is a Zoom-based virtual class! Internet connection as well as the Zoom program (it is a free application!) is required. Have a pen & paper ready! Closer to your class date you will receive an email invite to the Zoom session, please ensure you sign up with your email address to receive it!

This class is the first in the Pro Stitcher Designer series and must be taken as a pre-requisite in order to take classes 6B, 6C and 6D!
Instructor Name:
Handi Quilter Educator

Virtual: (6A) Introduction to Pro Stitcher Designer

$ 20.00
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