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Virtual: Feathers, Vines and Spines

Ready to spice up your feathers? Feathers make a great foundation for any quilting design. Adding swirling curls, meandering vines and filled spines add pizazz to this basic foundation. We’ll learn to customize your feathers to your project and make them fit in everything from geometric designs to wrapping around corners.

Topics include:
  • Different feathers to create variety
  • Decorate and fill your feathers and spines
  • Swirls, curls, vines and leaves
  • Wrapping feathers around corners and borders
  • Making feathers fit in unexpected spaces

This is a Zoom-based virtual class! Internet connection as well as the Zoom program (it is a free application!) is required. Have a pen & paper ready! Closer to your class date you will receive an email invite to the Zoom session, please ensure you sign up with your email address to receive it!
Instructor Name:
Handi Quilter Educator

Virtual: Feathers, Vines and Spines

$ 20.00
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Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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