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Virtual: Turning Flimsies into Quilts (for Newbies)

Ready to tackle that pile of finished quilt tops? This is the perfect class for you! In this virtual class you will learn how to prepare your quilt top, mark designs for quilting, choose batting and backing fabrics, baste, and picking the perfect thread to stitch it all together. Bring a pieced quilt top, if desired, to explore ideas and approaches to finishing your first quilt. 

Topics Include:
  • How to prep your quilt top and backing for loading
  • How to select, resize using Quilter’s Assistant Proportional Scale, audition and mark quilt designs
  • Batting choices
  • Threads, needles and tension
  • Basic free-motion quilting

This is a Zoom-based virtual class! Internet connection as well as the Zoom program (it is a free application!) is required. Have a pen & paper ready! Closer to your class date you will receive an email invite to the Zoom session, please ensure you sign up with your email address to receive it!
Skill Level:
Instructor Name:
Handi Quilter Educator

Virtual: Turning Flimsies into Quilts (for Newbies)

$ 20.00
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