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Plaid to Meet You - Opal - South 4

This traditional styled quilt is striking, and yet it can be mastered by an experienced beginner! Learn techniques to manage a large volume of pieces and their assembly. Having a high visually impacted print (be it border print, or just yardage with a large print) is essential to create to this stunning quilt. 

Supplies for the lesson:

    • Click this link for the info sheet!
    • Pattern - "Plaid to Meet You" is provided for you! 
    • fabric as outlined by the pattern (please note that the grid blocks can be made from leftover fabrics.  Just make sure you watch colour values ( you will need a balance of both light and Med-dark values)
    • Masks must be worn for this class!
    • Cutting mat - 12" x 24" is an OK size as most of class work will be subcutting or trimming of blocks
    • Quilting ruller(s)
      •  6 in x 12 in, and/or a 6" by 24" - I prefer the shorter ruler for cutting the narrow strips for the 9 patch
      • and 6.5 inch square ruler - if you have one
    • Scissors
    • Sewing  Machine
    • Machine needles
    • ¼ “ foot
    • Thread
    • Straight pins
    • rotary cutter + 1 spare blade. 
    • fine tip permanent marker
    • For class 1 please bring 2 containers to corral the pieces you both cut and then sew
    • There is a fair bit of pressing of narrow strips to make the grid blocks.  To help maintain physical distancing it is recommended that each student also bring:
      • a small personal iron
      • a small pressing mat to put on table
Skill Details:
Experienced beginners and up!
Instructor Name:
Opal Blackstock

Plaid to Meet You - Opal - South 4

$ 90.00