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Find Your Quilting Style - Marjiree - South 4

If you don't know how to 'quilt as desired' and wonder if you have a quilting style’, you are not alone. The answers are "yes you can" and "yes you do"! Learning quilting techniques is helpful but there's more: the secret is quilting from the inside out. Did you know you have an Inner Quilter who is trying to guide you and an Inner Critic too? Marjiree will introduce you. You’ll learn interesting ways to understand their messages and your quilting style will blossom- making choices to quilt as desired will feel natural to you. Get to know the quilter you’ve always wanted to be and welcome to a class of happy discoveries! No machine needed.

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Skill Details:
For all quilters (domestic or long arm)!
Instructor Name:
Marjiree Kale

Find Your Quilting Style - Marjiree - South 4

$ 60.00