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WonderFil Boutique: InvisaFil - South 4

This techniques class allows students to learn first-hand how to use 100wt InvisaFil thread and discover its benefits! This ultra-fine thread will change your perspective of what an invisible thread should be. It offers a great breadth of utility as it virtually disappears into the fabric, and since its so small, it can't be felt and will keep projects soft and flexible even with dense stitching. 

Students will learn how to use InvisaFil for hand and machine applique, English paper piecing, stitch in the ditch, and stippling. This class is a great introduction to the multiple uses of InvisaFil and will show you how you can get better results simply by changing the thread. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for students to try out several techniques under the guidance of the Threaducator.

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Instructor Bio:
WonderFil Threaducator

WonderFil Boutique: InvisaFil - South 4

$ 40.00
Includes kit. Half of class cost to be applied to your WonderFil purchase that day!