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Feathered Birds - Helen Godden - South 4

International quilting star Helen Godden is coming to teach at Central! Considered an extreme free motion quilter, Helen is a lifelong artist and recognized internationally for her skills of blending art with fabric in her innovative quilts. This award-winning Handi Quilter ambassador loves to travel the world teaching workshops and sharing her love of quilting by educating and inspiring students as they launch into the world of possibilities that is “art quilting!”

In this workshop, select from one of Helen’s Feathered Friend designs and trace a 14” design on to 20” black homespun. With demonstration and no previous painting skills required, we then paint and combine colours to blend and create our birdie block! Once they are dry and sandwiched, Helen will demonstrate a wide variety of fresh and fun free motion quilting styles that will complement your work and add so much life and energy into it! You will take your skills to the next level by pairing a unique medium (paint) with free motion quilting to create something truly stunning and one of a kind.

Supply List:


  • Black cotton*, any batting and backing; 50cm square.  * Black cotton that already has some sizing or starch is best and please don’t pre wash.
  • Or if you bring 1m of black cotton, you can use half for the top and the other half as backing. If you prefer, the backing can be a bold plain homespun colour such as purple, red or orange or something fun, as students will be encourage to use black bobbin with black thread on top so the design is "drawn" on the back too.
  • Sewing machine in good working order, Darning foot you must bring & extension table if you have one
  • Black basic cotton or poly cotton thread – a brand that you know works well on your machine.
  • Fabric chalk pencil or Panda Pencil ** to trace onto black fabric
  • Masking tape to stick design and fabric to a window to trace
  • If venue has no windows to use, a Light box for tracing will be required.
  • Safety pins for sandwiching
  • Plastic container to wash brush.  
  • Paper towel (half a roll is plenty)
  • Old cutting mat to use as a painting surface on the table or plastic cover for table.
  • Fabric paints and paint brushes will be available for use during this class. (no need to bring your own)
Instructor Name:
Specialist Helen Godden

Feathered Birds - Helen Godden - South 4

$ 249.00