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WonderFil Boutique: Show & Tell - West 1

Join our WonderFil Threaducator as they kick off their boutique event line up with this show & tell event! Featuring beautiful samples showing different thread types, weights, and the multitude of ways specialty threads can be used to bedazzle a project, we’ll get you excited to see what you can create with WonderFil!

Each thread line will be covered (we have 13 different WonderFil varieties!!), with thoughtful explanations as to how they’ve been used to blend, show off, disappear, or to give a project a professional finish. You will get a taste of how you can take advantage of these threads to create beautiful pieces, and how simply changing the thread can give better results. Our Threaducator will discuss how they used each thread line, step you through their process, explain how the thread specifically benefits each technique, and answer your questions!

This is a lecture/trunk show session! No need to bring your machines; just bring a paper and pen to take notes. 

Instructor Bio:
WonderFil Threaducator

WonderFil Boutique: Show & Tell - West 1

$ 15.00
Half of class fee will be used towards your WonderFil thread purchase that day!