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Long Arm Degree Program Semester 3 - Connie Anderson - South 3

Join Connie as she takes you on a journey from beginner long arm quilter, to a confident skilled artist. This training will give long arm quilters an opportunity to hone and advance their skills. There are 12 sessions in the entire degree program; four will be covered in this third semester. 

You will learn:

1. Pattern Drafting: Learn how to draft patterns for unusual spaces and how to make C.L D. (continuous line designs) for borders. Included is discussion regarding where to get designs ideas to make your own patterns.

2. Crosshatching: Instruction will cover gridding variations and curved crosshatching, intended to add texture and interest to backgrounds.

3. Deciding on Surface Design: Covers using basic diagnostic questions to determine how a quilt “speaks” to its interpretation for surface design

4. Thread Play: Explores the various threads available on the market today and how to determine the best thread for your quilt. It will also address adjusting tension for delicate threads and tips on how to make them work for you!

Long Arm Degree Program Semester 3 - Connie Anderson - South 3

$ 450.00
$450/ 4 sessions