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Bra Making

Now that you know how to sew a bra, join Jeanette from Sew Uplifting on this retreat as she teaches you to take a commercial bra pattern and fit yourself and others! You will learn how to read the wrinkles and how to adjust a pattern to fit your friend, family member or client. Students will be required to fit each other as well as models. If time permits, we will run over a few basic style changes at the end of the class.

Cost: $ 975.00
In this class you will learn the construction techniques to make a bra that looks and fits as good or better than ready-to-wear! Specialist Jeanette will adjust each person's pattern to their unique body. A kit that includes light coloured fabrics and supplies will be given to each student. There will be additional supplies available for purchase in class. Please bring a pastel coloured or white polyester thread for this class.

Cost: $ 325.00
Join specialist Jeanette as she teaches you cut and sew foam drafting and construction techniques with your personal fitted bra pattern! You will have the option of sewing the cut and sew bra from your pattern, or from the Ruby bra pattern. Upon completing this class you will have the skills to make a professional looking foam covered bra that fits you perfectly!

Cost: $ 325.00