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Bra Making

This class will give you the tools to make everything from a negligee to the little black dress with a built in bra! Specialist Jeanette Spornitz will teach you how draft a dress with a built in bra directly from your great fitting bra pattern. Imagine filling your wardrobe with camisoles, tank tops, tunics and dresses that support you in all the right places without added bulk, bulge or visible additional bra straps! The best part is, it'll be fitted to your exact measurements for a perfect fit.

Cost: $ 295.00
In this class you will learn the construction techniques to make a bra that looks and fits as good or better than ready-to-wear! Specialist Jeanette will adjust each person's pattern to their unique body. A kit that includes light coloured fabrics and supplies will be given to each student. There will be additional supplies available for purchase in class. Please bring a pastel coloured or white polyester thread for this class.

Cost: $ 325.00
Take your bra making to the next level! Using your fitted bra pattern, Jeanette will teach you how to draft a designer bra that looks like it was purchased in a boutique. Ensure you bring a traced copy of your well fitting bra pattern to class. A kit that includes fabric, findings and drafting instructions will be given to each student. Please bring fuschia coloured thread for this class.

Cost: $ 295.00
Jeanette Spornitz is BACK! Now that you know how to sew a bra, join Jeanette from Sew Uplifting as she teaches you to take your great fitting bra and turn it into a gorgeous style that you would find online or in a boutique. She will show you a couple of ways of drafting to make whatever style of bra you are looking for. If you have a bra you love and can?t find, she will also show you how to clone the bra to make another that you will love while leaving your bra in one piece. This workshop is a must for those who have taken her Beginner Bra class before- expand your knowledge with Jeanette and become a bra making expert!

Cost: $ 950.00