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Bra Making

Have you tried bra-making? Did you love what you made, but your size has changed and your pattern no longer fits? Did you want to try a new pattern, but it doesn't fit the same way as the one adjusted for you in class? Now is your opportunity to learn how to adjust and fit a bra pattern! Any bra pattern. Take this one day workshop with Custom Bra-maker Michelle Noble, and learn just what adjustments are needed to make any bra pattern fit your shape.

Cost: $ 95.00
Join Custom Bra-Maker Michelle Noble to learn how to make a classic bra pattern. Make a lovely bra from a sewing pattern that is custom adjusted to fit you. Once you take the class, you?ll be able to make your own bras in any color you want. No more plain bras, or only beige or white unless those are the colors you want. One kit and an adjusted pattern will be supplied for the class. Additional supplies will be available to purchase.

Cost: $ 365.00