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Wardrobe Essentials

In this class you will learn the construction techniques to make a bra that looks and fits as good or better than ready-to-wear! Specialist Jeanette will adjust each person's pattern to their unique body. A kit that includes light coloured fabrics and supplies will be given to each student. There will be additional supplies available for purchase in class. Please bring a pastel coloured or white polyester thread for this class.

Cost: $ 325.00
Join specialist Jeanette as she teaches you cut and sew foam drafting and construction techniques with your personal fitted bra pattern! You will have the option of sewing the cut and sew bra from your pattern, or from the Ruby bra pattern. Upon completing this class you will have the skills to make a professional looking foam covered bra that fits you perfectly!

Cost: $ 310.00
The easiest and breeziest spring/summer staple for your wardrobe! Choose from three different lengths and create the perfect look according to your preference. Pair this stunning skirt with a blouse or tee and you are ready for the warm weather. Veteran instructor Linda will help you every step of the way!

Intimidated by zippers? Practise easy, foolproof methods for inserting invisible, lapped and fly zippers using industry techniques. Learn to sew in zippers like a PRO! You will complete step by step samples in class, to use for future reference. Discover notions, tips and zipper feet that will make all the difference and give you a fun experience.

Cost: $ 40.00
The class you have been waiting for! Get ready for the comfiest sports bra ever: join specialist Jeanette as she teaches you construction and style changes to the latest Pin Up Girls Bra Pattern Ingrid. Ingrid is a very supportive wireless bra and lends herself to a number of styles of bras from sports bra to sexy. With the Ingrid you will be able to choose your closure (front, back or both) as well as style of closure (zippered, hook or eye.) This bra class will give you a great start to design comfortable supportive bras in a number of styles. Bra will be made in black with your choice of closure.

No more struggling trying to find a swimsuit that fits perfectly- learn how to draft and create one yourself! Join specialist Jeanette as she steps you through the process of adjusting each pattern to your unique body measurements. End the 2-day workshop with a brand new swimsuit that'll look fantastic on you, and the skills and knowledge to make your own whenever you need a new one! A kit including fabrics and supplies will be given to each student with additional supplies available for purchase in class.

Three days with Ron Collins and the ultimate sewing retreat. Is fitting your nemesis? Bring your favorite patterns and muslins to uncover tips and techniques for fitting. Go home with patterns altered just for you. Is it time to liberate some of those fabrics you are afraid to cut into? With Ron by your side and you working on whatever you want, he will teach you some time saving techniques for professional looking results. It's time for you to come and relaxed and have a great time, bring any sewing project your heart desires and Ron will help you overcome those trouble spots in fit and construction. Get ready to sew!

Cost: $ 325.00