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Instructor Opal is back to kick it up a notch with this gorgeous cubed One Block Wonder quilt! Having a high visually impacting fabric with a repeat of at least 12" and preferably 16" or more is critical to achieve variety. The final quilt is stunning and is sure to WOW everyone who sees it. Come with us and reconnect with the joy of quilting!

Cost: $ 120.00
Instructor Lois is here to help you create this beautiful work of art, perfect for a wall hanging or quilt- the choice is yours! You can create this lovely 40 inch star with an interesting twist: the colours spiral outward from the center to add a unique new look for a lone star and the best part, it?s all done with strip piecing! You can use the star by itself or add some borders to enlarge it to a bed sized quilt.

Cost: $ 60.00
This impressive quilt can be mastered with a few techniques that result in a masterpiece that will become a cherished quilt and heirloom! Eliminate the typical frustration associated with making a quilt with so many pieces by attending this class. Learn techniques on how to manage a large volume of pieces and their assembly, and yes, imperfect squares can be sewn in a way that does not create a distortion in your quilt!

Cost: $ 100.00