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Central Sewing stocks the accessories for all makes and styles of embroidery machines, sewing machines, industrial sewing machines, and irons. If you require additional feet for your machine, ergonomic tables, extensions for various makes of sewing machines, more bobbins, hoops, and a large variety of threads (standard and decorative). The items that are stocked will fill all your sewing needs as well as make sewing more easy and enjoyable! There are also a large variety of books to help with how to use these items.
If you require an item or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Pant Drafting - Aradhana - West 1

Everyone should have a well fitted pant/trouser in their closet. In this class you will learn measuring techniques and draft a pant foundation pattern. After a test-fit we will make the necessary alterations and perfect the pant block which can be used for other designs.

Learn To Sew 2 & 3 - Barb - South 1

Using your selected pattern for a blouse, skirt, pants or jacket, learn to sew in zippers, buttons and buttonholes, sleeves, pockets and linings.

Making the Longarm Work for You - Joan Smith - South 3

Whether you're a new HQ owner planning to start a long arming business, or want to make the best use of your quilting machine rental time at CSM, Joan has the tips and techniques to move you to the next level of confidence and productivity to have fun using your longarm. If you are overwhelmed by your new HQ, or want to try quilting on a HQ rental, move from overwhelmed to comfortable in one class with Joan at your side all the way. From start to finish, learn hints and tips that will make each quilt a success. Learn to float through loading your quilt, starting small for big gains in achieving productivity and building confidence as a long arm quilter. Complete the baby or lap quilt top you bring to class while you learn the steps, from loading to finishing, using a pantograph design. We are all about finishing quilts.

Sep 27
Getting To Know Your Sewing Machine - Bernice - West 1
Sep 27
Kids Learn To Sew Tuesday - Barb - South 1
Sep 27
Advanced Kids Learn To Sew - Diana - West 2

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